FlashVlog FAQ

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What do I need to run FlashVlog?
You need an Internet connection and a web browser with the Adobe Flash player version 8 or greater installed.

Can I check my Flash version?
You can see the version of Flash that you have installed on this page.

Do I always have to book a meeting in advance?
No, if you use this link, you can simply type in your FlashVlog login and password at the front screen of the Editor and click the 'New' button, if the server has capacity you will instantly receive up to 30 minutes of recording time.

Why do you use a low frame rate?
There are three quality settings to choose from, modem, dsl, and lan. Choose the one that best suits your equipment and situation. FlashVlog is designed with a low but useful video frame rate, to allow better audio over 'normal' web connections and in preparation for the many simultaneous recording connections on the FlashVlog server.

How do I leave or quit FlashVlog Editor?
Use the quit button on the 'publish' screen, or simply close the browser window.

Can I change a FlashVlog Viewer's size?
Yes, from within the 'skinChoice Snippet Creator'. You can reduce the default size by up to half, enter a new number for width or height and either press 'Enter' or 'click off' the entry box. The other dimension will change in proportion. Click the 'Fill Window' button to have the viewer expand to the size of the browser window. Click 'Reset' to return to the default dimensions.

Will FlashVlog work with a modem?
Yes, FlashVlog is low data rate friendly. Choose the 'Low' recording quality setting. The recording might 'breakup' sometimes, depending on the quality of your connection.

In the FlashVlog Editor what do the different colour blocks that appear towards the end of the recording time indicate?
At intervals of five, three and one minute before the end of the recording time, the countdown timer in the top left corner is 'coloured', as an indicator that the recording time limit is nearing the end.

I need more recording time - can I extend it?
Yes, if there is server capacity. Click the button on the Editor Record screen to request additional time. The button automatically appears when less than 3 minutes recording time is left.

I can't see video or hear audio in the Editor?
Click the 'settings' tab on the record screen to gain access to the buttons that open the video or audio settings panel.
For video settings, choose your camera from the list (you may also have to click on the small video rectangle to make your image appear). Sometimes the camera can't be 'shared' between applications, shutdown any application that is or has been using the camera.
For audio settings, choose your audio input and set the level. Check all leads and connectors, also that any required drivers are installed correctly and the Audio Mixer of your operating system is set properly (i.e. your microphone input is not muted etc.).

I've recorded my FlashVlog but how can I get someone to see it?
The easiest way is to 'check' the tick box within the 'links' tab on the Publish screen of the Editor, to make a link appear on your FlashVlog web page. You also need to 'Lock' the FlashVlog to make it 'viewable'.
Another way is to copy the link on the Publish screen and either use this on your own web page or, if you don't want to make the FlashVlog 'public', send it directly to an individual.

Why do I have to 'Lock' or 'Unlock' a FlashVlog?
On order to make a FlashVlog appear in a viewer it must be 'Locked' using the Publish screen in the FlashVlog Editor. This allows you to 'hide' the FlashVlog until you are happy with it. You must use your password to 'Unlock' a FlashVlog to enable it to be edited again.

What is the URL to my personal FlashVlog web page?
The URL can be found on your 'My Details' web page (available from a link at the top of the web page after you login to FlashVlog), or on the Publish screen in the FlashVlog Editor.

What is the point of categories?
You can create your own category headings and then arrange your FlashVlogs into categories, or groups of categories, viewed using the RSS feeds.

Why is the 'timestamp' of my FlashVlog different to what I expected?
The time displayed is the time on the server, which may not be the same as your time zone.

Sometimes I don't get the full amount of recording time I asked for?
The smallest time segment is 10 minutes long. If you request recording time within a 10 minute period you will lose the time that has already past.

Can I customise the look of my FlashVlog?
Yes, a selection of borders and enhancements can be applied to the default Viewer. These can be selected from the skinChoice applet, you can view examples here. Paste the resulting object code into your html to make it appear on your web page.

Can I have my FlashVlog begin playing automatically from the start?
Yes, Alt+Click on the image at the start of your FlashVlog, to copy a URL to your computer's clipboard. Use this URL in your web page and the FlashVlog should begin playing automatically. Note that you can also Alt+Click at any other time in your FlashVlog if you want it to start from that point.

How can I get the RSS feed into my aggregator?
Open the segment list of an 'RSS type' FlashVlog and click the RSS button to open the 'RSS feed' in a new window. Copy the URL into your aggregator...