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Skin examples - (see more here).

Skins example page

RSS FlashVlog example Even an RSS 'Skin' which automatically updates your web page with all of your latest FlashVlogs!

The quick and easy way to create instant
video blogs - bring your web page to life!

Create a FlashVlogA web cam and microphone attached to your computer is all you need to create video blogs (and more!) almost instantly.
Record and edit streaming video simply and easily, that can be available to a web audience within moments - FlashVlog in 4 easy steps!
FlashVlogs are recorded and edited in the FlashVlog Editor and the results are watched using a separate FlashVlog Viewer. You also have the option to customize a FlashVlog's look using the skinChoice Editor.
All applets run in a standard web page using the popular free Adobe Flash plug-in.

FlashVlog's features:

bullet   Capture video from your web cam or another 'video' device connected to your computer.
bullet   Optionally divide each FlashVlog into short chapters or 'segments', that you can re-order, delete or title.
bullet   Add an overall title and description.
bullet   You can customize the look from a choice of 'Skins'.
bullet   FlashVlogs can be displayed individually, or by using an RSS 'Feed' as a 'collection' of related FlashVlogs.
bullet   Simply click a button to automatically publish it to your 'FlashVlog' web page, or use the 'code' provided to place it on your own web page.