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Knowledge mapping

How can we better make sense of what happens in a meeting?

In order to make sense of a meeting replay, the knowledge communicated in a virtual event can be represented in nodes hyperlinked with the corresponding time-stamped video segments, which can then be manipulated and added in a knowledge map. The FM replay metadata is available in XML format, which makes possible its transformation into knowledge maps created by using the knowledge mapping tool Compendium. These maps can enhance the understanding of the event, as they include temporal and conceptual connections amongst all event elements, such as who attended the meeting and who spoke when, the URLs visited and the whiteboard images or interactions, text chat logs, annotations, votes and keywords. All these elements are automatically linked in a knowledge map, which can be used to assist the replay users in structuring, acquiring and reconstructing the knowledge transferred during the discussions and argumentations in the meeting. The knowledge maps of different kinds of FlashMeeting events may differ in that they may present different map structures. For example, seminars can present richer maps in terms of URLs, broadcasts and chat logs, as they are more interactive events, involving the active participation of several attendees, whereas virtual lectures with a main presenter broadcasting and her virtual audience interacting with chat may include poorer argumentation between individual nodes. The structuring of the FlashMeeting information in web maps allows the users to browse the different parts of the event, based on the different event elements. The FlashMeeting map users have access to the desired video segments, not only by the individual broadcasts, but by clicking on each annotation added or URL fired. Knowledge map users can also connect a text chat message to the corresponding moment of the event and make sense of the information in its specific context. The next step is to automate the links connecting the different FlashMeeting elements and the identification of the types of links forming different kinds of FlashMeeting knowledge maps.

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For more For more information, please contact:
Dr Alexandra Okada
The Knowledge Media Institute,
Open University, UK