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Indexing and retrieving public events

How can we search and retrieve meeting replays?

The XML produced after each meeting including all performance and attention metadata has also been used by different systems for different applications, such as replay retrieval by keyword search in Ariadne (KULeuven).

Indexing and retrieving public events

The Ariadne advanced access to FM objects searches the XML produced by FM, in particular the keywords, title and description of public events, available in the FM folksonomy.

Per default, the search will only look for exact matches. You can however also do boolean searches and use wildcard characters. Examples are:

  • abc AND def: returns results containing both "abc" and "def"
  • abc OR def: returns results containing "abc" or "def"
  • ab*.return results starting with "ab". So to do partial matches, you can use the wildcard character *

That wildcard character can be used everywhere except as the first character of your search term